Absinthe Blind Band Poster

This is a photograph of a band poster I took in a coffee shop. Even though some of the patrons were looking at me funny, I went ahead and snapped the shot. This was a local band from here in Champaign-Urbana in the 1990's.
I believe it's function was to advertise the band and the record label they were with at the time. They would call this a flat.
I saw this poster at Hammerhead coffee while I was studying for Graphic Design History. The whole coffee shop was full of older band posters or what I call flats. Everything there is very music oriented.
This piece caught my eye because of the design of the layout. It has a very 1990's look to it. I enjoy very simple font that is easy to read, even if the type is vertical. The font looks a lot like Arial, it is very narrow. The design is very masculine and on the colder side. Even though it has quite a classic look to it I find it to be trendy as well. Being in a band in the 1990's I really connect to this design. This is the kind of look we were all going for.


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