This is a World War II propaganda poster. It doesn't have a year associated with it, but I am going to say it was created in the mid 40's. It does have a publisher at the bottom and it states that is was published by the house of Seagram in New York city. It's function was to inform the public that if they were to talk to the wrong person, that information might get out and have adverse affects. I saw this poster in the museum of science and industry in Chicago. It is with their German u-boat exhibit.
The quality of the artwork is pretty standard for its time. The letters are hand drawn and the shapes have been cut out. As printing was still a challenge in the 40's I believe the reproduction was done quite well. This poster follows the graphic style of the modern movement in America. I was initially drawn to this piece because my grandfather served in the navy during World War II. I was going to share this piece of American history with him.


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